A leap of mind

Do we really learn from our mistakes? Do we really take feedback from our critics? As open as one might think one is, one can never be sure how much advice one can understand. For years, I have been presenting my work, half sketchy, half sophisticated, struggling to find the right words. In hindsight it all seemed much easier than it was. This year I am aware that not even the project structure can give me any control over my words.  In previous years, just making new things pushed the project forward but didn’t necessarily clarify my intention. This weekend I felt that in order to give the big picture I needed to get an objective understanding of my own logic by indulging into selected readings. Since I am always too inarticulate to even utter the meaning of the theories I read, nobody will ever really know if I actually did spent the first weekend after jury in term 3 with books and ipad. Though it is exactly this inarticulateness of mine which pushed me to get an understanding of my own inner workings, my logic, my knowledge. So… shall I write about it? I think that will just be a waste of time since my notes feel much better scattered on little papers around me. I ve been shifting them around in order to find a way of organising my chess board in accordance with a Trojan Horse (metaphorically speaking). So far these moves haven’t found any form of representation other than text on blank paper speaking for the visions in my head but I am confident that they will help me draw a new index drawing. A strange feeling of lightness indicates that I was a little successful. My priorities are clear, the sequence of steps not so much. See you tomorrow, perhaps…

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