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belief/ light

Very subtle yet fundamental argument can be risen from the series of drawings on installation of light. If there is the least way in which I want to put this argument will be ‘hallucination/reality’. Rather I would like to develop this as the moment of belief. Person simply cannot live without religion; here, what I mean by religion is ‘belief’ in something. Although one might say he does not believe in anything, itself is already an another form of belief. And that is factor makes you to make numerous decisions in daily lives, whether willingly or not, based on what you believe.  In spite of its explodable impact, it might be a matter of a powerful second of experience to bring one the moment of acknowledgement. I do not say considerately written words or intelligent speech cannot change one’s life, however, spatial experience of encounter can approach to one’s heart impressively. That’s what I want to explore further with various studies through the project.


what you perceive                                       construction/production

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(few images for now, more to come for tomorrow.)

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