A Change

I am going to change the set up slightly now I have thought about it more carefully . I am still going to have the three steps but they will be presented slightly differently.

photo (5)

Sorry about the bad sketch so behind a screen I will have the council flat model.(far right drawing) behind another screen I will have the fake laptop with stuff surrounding it(middle). This laptop will be playing the video I have made of the council flats gaining back there particulars there context and materiality. This will be videoed live.

This live video of the laptop will then be back projected onto paper(not behind a screen-far left). After the video is played I will unveil the other two translations and the fact it is being played live. I think this makes far more sense because now the step is different than the one before.

photo (6)

I hope now I am beginning to question the relationship between objects/ artefacts and representation. Blurring them and unveiling them and questions the truth of the like for like representation. So using Alberti’s questions ( wanting to replicate like for like) and questioning them with Demands tools.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 21.23.33

screen shot of final 10 seconds of film


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