A Brave New Coat

coat-front-bluecoat-back-blue  coat-liner-pink


In 1919 the LCC commissioned homes fit for heroes to be built in Barking, East London. Chief architect G. Topham took the amenities normally found in the grand homes of London, edited and scaled them down to suit the needs of the working class families that would occupy them. The parlour was removed which gave way to dining in the kitchen. Indoor toilets, sash windows and a private garden were introduced and considered to be luxuries at the time.

Above is the first example of a coat that I have made. Taking a traditional luxury fur coat and editing it to be accessible for lower income individuals. The coat is made up of a series of layers which either mask, accentuate or describe certain behavioural elements.

This is the first of a collection that will explore the behavioural relationships between fashion and architecture, the housing estate and luxury retail and the division of public and private life.

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5 Responses to A Brave New Coat

  1. My question is: why clothes look like clothes and not council estates?

    • Mark McGlynn says:

      I agree. My intention is to have the estate impress upon the clothes for the next garment.The intention vs the reality.

  2. I found these nice illustrations today which might be good for you! http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/leonie-bos