9th June-things to do-New morning update!

white book




The most tragic, monotonous, deadly dull, uninteresting, unexciting moments in Architecture which will be included in my presentation. Moreover, I am recording the making of the White book. An endless fitting in to box action. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E.

Here the list of things to do for the 9th. I am at 2pm.


-White book(working on it at the moment)
-Factory film animation
-Work on presentation. A presentation which embody my thesis.

I am thinking how to do this and here there are two main options available:

Option 1:

-Have all my work on the table.ì, exactly as we did it for the DIP9 picture. It is not important to have an order of the project as what I am interested is having a full table of originality. This instead, is opposition with the presentation. I could present it in a very tedious and not interesting way. This, as said in the feedback, will revert the audience’s attention, and provoke a reaction. But which reaction? Need to think properly about this.

Option 2:

– Catalogue all my work as the patterns book. Where the format will constrain the project, becoming the product of that line of production which make everything the same. My work, if fitted into box. Would it have the same strength?

What I want to underline is as well the approximation of working.

Sturtevant was a very good reference, as she began “repeating” the works of her contemporaries in 1964, using some of the most iconic artworks of her generation as a source and catalyst for the exploration of originality, authorship, and the interior structures of art and image culture.
This project will not be a simple exercise in proto-appropriation. But I need perhaps to explain the fact that I am interested in the medium which I am using. What “Sturtevant is better understood as an artist who adopted style as her medium and took the art of her time as a loose “score” to be enacted.”

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  1. Miruna Mazilu says:

    hahahaha…this looks like I imagined felix’s junktime….