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Today we deal with architecture as a representation of architecture. Architecture is portrayed as an infinite reproduction of repetitive models which has been consolidated through this last century. Architecture is represented through highly curated images, updated in real time from all around the globe on different platforms online. The thousands of fragmented images are stripped by its original geographical and cultural context, suggesting an overly simplified reading based purely on the name of the author who produced the project and its aesthetical details to grab your attention for no more than half of a second.

In this proliferation of architectural images, the question of authorship is a central debate. Making the architectural project the product of a singular person instead of the work of a collective. Architecture lose its value, becoming a fetishized hymn to the single person, in which is not possible to define the authenticity of a project but just few images which represent the project itself.

This process of architectural production need to be reformulated in order to re-gain architectural and personal identity in the architectural environment, within the architectural sameness. This is possible through a factory which teaches you how to create authentic projects through copying.

I propose a modus operandi based on the appropriation of these fragments, creating products through an assembly line constructed by the copies of others. Through the selection, use and the methodology of tracing these fragments, you are authenticating yourself. The final products incorporates the various authors from which you have copied, creating a collection chain where the work is absolutely yours, yet of a thousand others. Every final result will have its own individuality despite it is made by a collective of authors. Here the dichotomy of the factory.

The factory act first at all as a place of production, as a non-stop engine, a volcano of architectural products in continuous flow with no beginning nor end. But as well, the factory is an encapsulated machine in which the viewer is the spectator of this assemblage, it is possible to watch this everlasting process or decide to take part in it.

The factory comes with a manual, how to deal with original images, how to convert them, how to copy them. The factory is a platform to change how we approach architectural production, and how to change the architectural culture of today. How to make the project be recognized and signed as yours and thousands of others.

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