4 parts narrative

My last presentation introduced my intend into defining a personal, yet sharable, language in order to make space interactive – as a shared experience that can evolves with the users.
The narration would follow a sequence according to these 4 stages.


1. Room 
The conceptual framework in which all apparatus operates and relates, anti-chamber of the mind – a fortress.


2. Codex
A lexicon in which an individual inputs its own grammar, an editable tool meant to evolve. (inspired by Eisenman, Codex = Code (rewrite) + index (list) ) – each page is a glyph (set of characters shaping a a visual representation of a word)


3. Screen
The interpreter and simulator; it become a personal interface if used with the codex. A space-time universe (monad) that can house others universes (monads) – it is where glyphes from the codex can


4. Space
When what is developed via the screen can be applied and shared by leaving glyphes notably – space is where the codex can evolve through the encounter of other glyphes and more complex shapes.


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