3d modelling disaster-HELP NEEDED

It seems that there is no way of having these pieces printed in 3d. I am thinking right now at other possibilities. I will try to lasercut it on Tuesday morning as much as possible. I would like to start drawing as well one big section of the machine. No updates. sad times.

machine 100- sabs- 0

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One Response to 3d modelling disaster-HELP NEEDED

  1. Miruna Mazilu says:

    uf! horrible news!

    With the lasercut I would think how long would assembling take?…. if you have the 3d models already maybe you could just CNC the negative and pour some plaster in. – you can always pigment the plaster if you want colours….& all in all it might be faster than trying to book lasercut etc & glue everything together. That way while they are in the CNC you can continue with the rest of the machine.