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Update project summary ( I have not yet found a way to take away the word ‘grain’ yet, but it will come – see BOLD area for newest edition)

The project takes the grains on a musical adventure of sampling. The grains divide, mulitply, add or subtract themseleves from the database of forms, creating the architectural fragments for design. Just as sampling has exploited the use of the found material in the artists environment, the project challenges the way a similiar approach can be translated into a tool for design. The musical fragments have qualities which should be implemented on the architectural fragment, that is;




As a musical piece takes the listener on a journey through different sounds and rhythms, the architectural sampler should allow for the possibility of different readings. These readings are as close to or as distorted from the sampled element itself. The samples pass through a filter which the architect controls.

If sampling should be a tool for design, then how do we decide what is allowed to be imprinted on our design and what do we let slip through our fingers. Forms, ideas, colours, inspirations, scales all form just part of the bombardment of samples that we must consider when designing. The architectural sampler is no longer a layering of ideas but a way to create hierarchy between samples, this being translated into the 2D and 3D architecture. The drawing of a design no longer exsists on a singular plane but is a timed journey through the 2D and 3D design, an animated choreography.

desk idea

Small animation coming up…


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