2500: A Space Obelisk




Nowadays we spend more time indoors than at any time in the past, this move to the interior is largely due to the technological shifts which have allowed us to access more and connect to more of the exterior world from our houses. A part of this move indoors is also due to our apparent lack of tolerance for the shifts in weather and outdoor environment, climate change pushing us further into temperature controlled environments that can be manipulated at our will.

The question/project now becomes, what if we were forced into the interior. Climate change and pollution in the present day are a pressing concern. It is not completely inconceivable that in the future the earth’s atmosphere will no longer be safe for us to inhabit.

In this version of the future our condition of interiority is not one of comfort and choice, but a necessity, we are forced indoors and the interior that we once inhabited by choice becomes the only landscape we can inhabit.

In this post-flood, post-troposphere world unabridged by land mass, water is king, storms swell and tempestuously brew over what was the earth’s surface and humanity is forced up.

Taking Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis as the Bible of this world we begin to construct a new landscape, building on the contemporary condition of the continuous interior fuelled by the research of Kircher and the scientific discoveries of today.

This new landscape will take the form of an endless column. Extending up from earth, an obelisk to the sky.

More to come soon…

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6 Responses to 2500: A Space Obelisk

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    SPACEMOJI! At least someone is doing it ;)

    on a related note – check out the news today about Delhi’s pollution levels.

  2. Maxime Monin says:

    HAHA I can feel the curse slowing leaving me …. :-D