Mexico City Blues- Kerouac

Frida Escobedo:

Funky patterns. Favourite work:

image_content_23843993_20150716180301 shapeimage_1


-Beautiful render views and models study

House of music budapest, House in Ginigala, Sri LankaRecycled house in Tlayacapan, Mexico

I really liked the model for the Victoria and Albert museum exhibition in 2009 and I liked the they founded this website as a platform for architecture.

121-VA-03 121-VA-08

And I found the renovation of this flat in an invisible bathroom genius!

Zeller and Moye:

The way they build models reminds me a lot of the Herzog and De Meuron natural history book. What are you bringing back from the Herzog and De Meuron experience and what is your addition?

The project of Arena Mexico gallery nearing completion is perfect for Maridia! If you scroll down the video is here!

Fernando Romero:

Great front page of the website! I liked the division TYPE-LOCATION-SCALE

The archivio project is done together with Zeller and Moye

Plaza Mariana it is a very good image of a collection of buildings= city



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