Post-jury lethargy

This weekend, I tried to distance myself from the project and I spent my time reading a book, probably not so much related to my project. That is the Ministry of Nostalgia by Owen Hatherley.



In the meantime, I feel that I need to spent some time figuring out my project in respect to all the questions that arose during the jury. What is the archive for me? What am I archiving? Is life the archive or a separate space and what does it mean?

160208 view from facade city_2


160209 crushing park view_2


Big Drawing part 2

That includes views within the archived world. What are the visual connections within that world? Can they have an ambiguous relationship in terms of scale? Am I in the event or am I looking at the event through the archive?

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2 Responses to Post-jury lethargy

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Update blog so we can see new work and you can move this lethargic post lower down on your page.