3 Behaviours

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There are three categories of behaviours in relation to architecture.

1.The Behaviour of Humans

2.The behaviour of Elements

3.The Behaviour of Buildings in their environment.

The belief is that buildings exist only relative to the other factors. The impact of humans and natural phenomena can describe a building, its form and its function.

When analysing historical precedents we can often overlook many external behavioural elements which influence, interfere or describe a certain space, place or time.

Is it possible to isolate the behaviours of individuals and the corresponding natural phenomena at a given time in order to create an architecture that reflects these elements?

It is important to separate the three categories of behaviours outlined above in order to show how the behavioural patterns correspond with each other. Each grain consists of a certain time and place, each with a set of corresponding behaviours.

Behaviours overlap creating a frequency that relates to certain elements. The behavioural elements then create a typology in which form begins to take shape.

As a result architecture could be described in the same way as consciousness is explained; as a continuum of gradual phenomena.

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  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    the image collection is great. Pig triptych is a fave. grey sky seems extra potent for some reason.