2-way Mirror

I have decided to look into glass and it’s reflective optical properties to further the thesis argument of transformation. So far the natural to artificial landform transformation process is very slow, so I was hoping to speed it on a daily basis with the help of the optical properties of glass as well as changing natural light conditions through out the day. The effect could be somewhat similar to Robert Smithson’s mirror and spoil sculptures.


The mirror in this case though is always reflective, where as I would like to achieve a changing effect, almost like a mirage. This brought me back to the Dan Graham artwork, where he uses two way mirror to confuse the viewer.

article_1924-2Finally, I have found that it is possible to buy two way acrylic mirror ( which I can lasercut and handle much easier). Going to order it now, to do some physical experiments. In the mean time, here is a video two way acrylic mirror changing appearance based on lighting.


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