2 Days JedLagged Now back to work :)

Another Exquis corpse:  by Zaha Hadid Architects–>Port House, Antwerp, Opening 22/ 9/16


Torre Reforma.





Plan for the rest of the week:

1. White book layout and format. Put all the work which I have done so far together.

2. Story board for the white book. ( looking though my TS book all the pages came out because of the storyboards I made in 2nd term. I will start to do the same, from now on the white book with the project will develop together.

3. Animation of my first model. ( I booked the photo studio on Saturday and I planing to do an animation that shows the performance of the first model. I think it will help me a lot during presentation so I don’t need to perform the old model anymore and only the new one.)

3. Readings (Derrida The Truth in Painting)  for inspiration

4. 3D model of the next physical model.

5. Presentation Text

will try to post every day something to push my production.



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