If my factory is the context machine, and context is a means to attach something to place, then Antoine’s point of focusing on the design of the foundations made so much sense to me! Suddenly there’s so much more clarity in my mind!

So below is the drawing of the house constructing its own context. The billboard is the masterplanning. The first two rows of houses will be realistic the next will be like a footprint in the ground and the next will be floorplan drawings. Although we spoke about the element of believability in the last tutorial in terms of hyperealistic images, I would argue that a construction drawing would do the same. So I need to declare the construction drawing and really make it beautiful in the project.


It is the negative of the house inside the shell that protects from the lunar atmosphere. Where the section is cut is where there will be drawing of pipes and things.


Anyhow I am working with much more intention and clarity.


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