White Book Draft Submission

Hello Term 3,

I’ve been trying hard not to bite my tongue off and worked on the things I really wanted to get out of my way over the Easter break: The White Book (now including two sections: 1.Format Factory 2. Mnemosyne Atlas of Images), the Structure of the Website (I copied the open-source html for layout only from the Architect’s Journal) and a session of photographing models in the photostudio. Besides working on the content for the analogue and digital magazine, design development and white book,  I want to take a few hours to double check the text and the images of the book so that I can print the draft submission. Hopefully I will be able to print my personal scale ruler in time before the jury.

White Book Draft Submission

White Book Draft Submission

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2 Responses to White Book Draft Submission

  1. Catarina Cruz says:

    holy sh*t! you have been busy! Bravo!

  2. Anouk Ahlborn says:

    Thanks! However it looks better small than big at the moment.