The two are one


Axo of road through building as it stands. Added the sloping interior roof, walls separating the road from the office, and connected the road flush to the existing floor levels. By doing so, I am able to use many slender columns rather than a few thick ones, since the lateral forces and movements of the road are absorbed by the existing slabs.

I am now operating with two offices in the building: the hanging, internal office which opens up the existing floors, and the road itself (which I want to convert into a mobile office) which is closed to the building but open to the city. My argument is that the office cannot just be open and jolly and collaborative, because sometimes things simply don’t work, and for that reason you have to retreat to other worlds, other careers and inspirations. These two new offices will be connected outside of the building – you have to leave the existing office in order to transfer to somewhere else, even if it is just to you personal sphere.







Closed office/open city.


Closed city/open office.

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