Scanning WIP

Scanning for pills

Scanning for pills

Most of the day having been take up b PP, I’m catching up on library time to scan as many ‘healing’ architectural environments as possible. There are many direct relationships to the human body through the modernism movement and product design. Hospital design, ‘open air’ hospitals – somewhere between a sanatorium and a hospital – and the 60’s movements, relating to the bodily functions, ‘body space’. I want to broaden the search when I get the chance, change libraries. I have an idea of where to look for ‘spiritual healing’ and retirement also. Content will lead the editing, but hoping to move away from the basic 20th century discussions of the body and architecture and towards something that alludes to [production within] the modern pharmaceutical industry. To reference a broader understanding of the pill – beyond that of its function. Perhaps this is where the juxtaposition of the pills vs architecture can work to drive the content on both ‘sides’ of the book.

[P.S. I’m making a book that has architectures that act to heal in different ways and juxtaposing those with pills that do the same – so each spread in the book has an architecture on the left side and a pill on the right]

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