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If the Campus is to be a neighbourhood of Basel (as originally proposed), what principles (if any) of knowledge sharing constitute a city?

Woking environment vs company structure:

Deconstructing the Citizen Office concept to read the organisation of the working environment on the campus – which via the Citizen Office concept links to global ‘megatrends’ in economics and work culture.

Mapping the global structure of Novartis. Noting the influences on production for each of the ‘nodes’ in its branching structure.

Contemplating the link between the global structure of Novartis and the human body via the notion of ‘time’ (image below).


Researching the timeline of economic development and the work environment in pharmaceutical/science-based companies from the beginning of the 21st century. Knowledge production vs accessibility to knowledge from 2008 onwards. The Novartis “Campus of Knowledge” is designed around the idea of the internal sharing of knowledge – the idea of production through sharing. How does this relate to global trends of knowledge sharing?

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