That Scary Word – FILM

Since yesterday’s tutorials my thought trail was as follows

-The model was too constrained by the format (cubes) and was two theatrical (one view for the spectator rather than immersive experience)

-Thinking of a more cinematic model of my world made me rewrite the sequence of how the story of my project is being told

-The story of the project works on the levels of what you see and how it operates

-This led me to start drawing a storyboard, which in turn led me to realization that my project would really benefit from having both model and a FILM.

Yes, it is ironic that I am planning to achieve one thing I am most petrified of – FILM. On a positive note, here is the storyboard. I believe it can be done, but with a lot of youtube tutorials.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, as I feel completely out of my comfort zone…

P.S. In terms of the model I though it could be the model of the film set so to say (e.g. panorama shots could be done as 180 degrees screen, 3d elements become 3d). In this case what becomes interesting are the moments of transition and how the model grows according to the film

film storyboard 1 film storyboard 2 film storyboard 3 film storyboard 4

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