1 month(added references)



I was sitting down and going through feedbacks since last term and realized now we’re entering into the last month to make it happen. I spent time planning out towards Final Table. Everything should happen at the same time : Thesis update, Design, Presentation(possibly installation), Documentation at the same time.

Among lists of things to do, I want to prioritize designing space of ‘the infinite’ first and steps of transformation of space.





James Turrell(inseparable)’s Backside of the Moon, 1966 – Transition/Experience

– you have to stay in the darkness about 5-8mins until your eyes are opened to see very subtle lightings in the room




Erasure of Horizon

Bridget’s Bardo, James Turrell, 2009



7 prints of Deep Sky, James Turrell, 1984 – Vantage Point/Perspectives



Utzon House, Jørn Utzon, 1952 – Thick wall/ physical transition


utzon house


Edge Summer House, React Architects, 2010 – Geometry / Scalelessness




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One Response to 1 month(added references)

  1. Anny Stephanou says:

    Naranja the Turrel is incredible the first one – if you put your head in the rectangular hole you can see into the abyss! because the entire field of vision looks within that colourful space.